Mission and Philosophy 

MB Development subscribes to a philosophy of integrity and culture that emphasizes an entrepreneurial spirit.  

Experience has taught us that long-term success depends on careful site selection and a hands-on approach. 


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3540 Crain Hwy, # 150
Bowie, Maryland 20716

MB Development provides a broad range of services to support individuals and businesses in the areas of Real Estate Development, Construction, Program and Project Management and Human Capital Management and Training. MB Development takes a systematic approach in working with our clients taking the team through execution, planning and implementation. Our mission is to build relevant relationships and to develop strategic innovative solutions that help our customers create and realize value.  MB Development is your one stop shop for development, whether your interests are in Real Property Development or Human Capital Management.  MB Development will work in close partnership, offering an exceptional level of service for your next development offering.  


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“MB Development goes beyond the typical, we are more of boutique provider of service with an entrepreneur’s spirit. MB Development seeks out opportunities and works to drive them to a profitable reality.  We strive to develop projects that enhance the richness of communities while respecting the natural characteristic of each property.  MB Development endeavors to provide a unique lifestyle experiences while sustaining the returns necessary to acquire generational well-being through real estate investing. “




"A sound structure starts with a sound footing."




Will help you achieve ...


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