Our Strategy:

Whether expanding on an existing strategy or launching a new venture, we work with you from initial site selection through construction to project completion, ensuring your office building, retail facility or other special-use project are built on time and on budget. Our services include:

  • in-depth market analysis
  • site-selection
  • feasibility studies and project budgeting
  • financial consulting
  • construction management and coordination
  • marketing and leasing  


In addition to our commitment to our investors, we also believe in giving back to the community and those less fortunate.

Decisions Tools

Mortgage Calculator


We work from the initial steps or any point of ongoing project development, taking the time to understand what you want from your development and, your vision.  Once your vision is formulated we provide a detailed feasibility analysis of your project to help you work through all strategies including whether it is a project worth pursuing. We provide the necessary consultation, design services, feasibility studies, site assessments and construction management.

If you decide to proceed, we take the lead and consult with others on your behalf such as:

  • architects for your design drawings;
  • real estate agents to determine estimated selling prices of the completed project;
  • land surveyors to arrange completion of the land and survey process;
  • landscape architect with the best skills for your project;
  • A value assessment to obtain bankable valuations; and
  • Town Officials, planner, aborist and community stakeholders.