Design Build team offers comprehensive service in:

  • Custom Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Land Development
  • Design Development
  • Project Management

Design-Build Service

Our unified team of architects, designers, and construction professionals bring a thoughtful approach to your project as a whole, and to all the details that make your project feel uniquely your.  Each project we undertake starts with you - what are you needs, desires, and dreams for your project?  Let's explore how to make your home more livable and beautiful today. 

Our Process

The following steps outline how we approach a project.

1. Let's Talk... Our first teleconference is designed to learn what your needs are and give you some perspective on how we work. As we get to know each other, we will ask questions to determine if the project is appropriate for our firm, as well as getting a sense of how well we communicate.  We have started this first step and moving along well.

2. Planning Conference... This one or two-hour brainstorming session often brings out broad outlines and small details. In the end, we both have a working idea of your goals, budget, and timeline. This meeting usually takes place at your home, during business hours, with all decision-makers present. At this time, we normally ask you to authorize a feasibility agreement, where we take to do a preliminary estimate and determine if your wishes and budget are aligned.  In your case, we offered the two-option proposal to show the planned outcome.  We are very flexible and can adjust to your desire.

3. The design/remodel Agreement... Our design agreement states that, for a fee (usually 8-14% of the construction budget that is already included in your proposal), we will design your project to meet your budget. It also states that we are your contractor of choice to remodel your home. This is important to note because, while you will get a lot of value from the design process, we are not an architectural firm and offer our design strictly as a pre-construction service. Once this design/remodel agreement is authorized, we take measurements of your home, assign an architect or designer to your project, and the serious conceptualization and planning begins. We tell you, as accurately as we can, what your project will cost, and propose procedural tips that will help to maximize value.

4. Design Process Underway... With our "As Built" and "Design" drawings, we create a detailed visual package. Written specifications, work timelines, payment schedules, and material samples move the venture from the concept to reality.

5. Review... As we walk through the details of the proposal with you, we encourage you to itemize questions and concerns. As concepts are defined, we provide budgetary feedback, letting you know the impact of decisions you make. We also plan around your lifestyle and schedule needs during construction. Design can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity and scope of your project. Expect several meetings with members of our design team during this time.

6. Design Approval and Final Selections…The hard work by you and our design team comes together into a well-defined project. Now that decisions regarding materials and products have been finalized, we bring in our trade specialists and other members of the production team, to put firm numbers to the project. We may ask you to authorize a letter of intent and provide a deposit so we can hold your schedule slot and begin ordering any "long-lead" items such as cabinets or plumbing fixtures.

7. Construction Agreement…Our estimating team determines exactly what your investment will be, and we draw up a fixed-price agreement. If your design choices are consistent with the finish level we have been working toward, this figure will be in line with the feedback we have given you. Once the Construction Agreement is signed, we will collect an initial payment, review when progress payments are scheduled, and discuss the project completion procedure.

8. Scheduling…We select the best project manager (also known as a Lead Carpenter) for your project, based on personality, expertise, and availability. Your project will not get a start date, but rather a schedule slot – we will start your job as soon as your project comes online per the slotting. Final selections, if any, must be made before we will commence construction.

9. Pre-Construction Conference.... Our Design Coordinator and Lead Carpenter meet with you at your home to talk through details as needed. We’ll let you know what to expect – work hours, sequence of tasks, particularly disruptive times, and the like. We will choose a location for the portable toilet, key box, job sign, and communication station, and schedule a regular time for you and your Lead Carpenter to meet and discuss your project. 

10. Construction Underway... Our crews and trade contractors are not only tops in the business, but you'll also find them personable and helpful. Respecting your property and minimizing disruption are constant guidelines, as is regular communication with you. When decisions are needed from you, or unforeseen conditions are encountered, these will be brought up at your weekly meeting with the lead carpenter unless immediate action is required. If these situations affect your budget, you will get a change order detailing the credit or cost.

11. Completion… We work hard to finish all aspects of your project before you move back in or begin to use the space. There are circumstances, however, that may require a "completion list". We will compile this list together and assign a value to the remaining tasks. Aside from this small "retainage," final payment will be made so you can begin using your remodeled space while we finish the items on the list. When the list is completed we will collect the final payment.

12. Follow-up… Enjoy your newly remodeled space and tell your friends all about your great experience with MB Development provided. An "exit interview" will be scheduled so that you can let us know if we can improve our service in any way. Finally, before a year is up, we will contact you to see if there are any warranty issues that may need our attention.